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Shirin Ehya

Shirin Ehya is an Iranian-American designer who was raised between the two countries during their most turbulent period of relations in history. It is no wonder then, that she has always been interested with harmoniously balancing these two seemingly opposing extremities, both of which define her in equal measure.

The pursuit to combine elements from both cultures, influences her designs on a deep level. From one side she is constantly drawn to understated simplicity, seen in the clean spare shapes of her designs.

The Persian elements blend subtly along the lines: Shimmering, intricate mirror work, woven seamlessly into modern frames of glossy lacquered wood in her first collection, Isfahan; or delicate lattice patterns finely worked along the sides of mid-century inspired Fantasia Collection.

Shirin Ehya successfully launched her first collection Isfahan during Design Days Dubai 2014, followed by other new collections and exhibitions around the world. Shirin is currently based in California, where she also started her Interior Design firm while working on new Furniture/Accessories Collection.


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