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Persian lives were celebrated with color, poetry and pattern and these colorful patterns were brought into practical aspects of life. Even the tile work created for weatherproofing clay bricks became a canvas for the creators to communicate with the onlookers.

For instance, The Shah Monument in Isfahan is a sublime model for Persian tile work and the soaring ascension of motifs convey the longing of the soul to transcend ordinary life just like a symphony of musical notes would.

The technique used in the tile working of this building is called Cuerda Seca and since Persian Tile Masters chose to use only seven colors at a time, “Haftrangi” in Persian.

As for Cuerda Seca, it was a turning point that created possibilities, bringing old traditions and practices into the new era. So “Haftrangi” is not only a technique using seven colors to compose fantastic patterns, but it also signifies an instrument of evolution which ushered in the new, and built on the old without destroying the roots.

The colors chosen here were an intense lapis blue, Royal blue, white, black, yellow, turquoise and orange. The same seven colors chosen for Ehya Design Studio’s Mid-Century inspired furniture. This period for Shirin Ehya signifies a time when the modern era clashed into Iran’s traditional world, creating holes and gaps along the way.

This is the inspiration for the Fantasia Collection.

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